Jeans Connect with Everyone.

A campaign around how jeans and their wear and tear are reflections about everyday use and the memories from that one time…

Art Direction, Storyboards, Animation: Jim Langman
Script: Guy Michael

Data is Big.

Connecting that data to facilities and
services is huge.

Art Direction, Storyboards, Animation: Jim Langman
Copy: Guy Michael

Issuing & Certificate
of Deposits?

Lingo even those in the financial industry often have to explain B2B or B2C. It’s easier to show with a simple but informative whiteboard approach.

Art Direction, Animation: Jim Langman
Storyboards, Illustrations: Nick McFarland

How About That B-Roll?

When a company gets acquired one of the fastest ways to start the brand association is with slicing the extra video takes and getting the brand voice out there to the existing customers through the website and social channels.

This is an effective solution for the “something, anything” for tomorrow’s announcement.

Art Direction, Animation: Jim Langman

Education is the High Road… Introducing Venture Highway.

This video was produced to explain their service, it had to be upbeat, informative and leave the only question of “when can I start?”

Art Direction, Storyboards, Illustrations: Jim Langman
Animation: Ryan Scott
Script: Jeff Beeler